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Published: 03 September 2007 Hits: 13631

I've got an email from François, who offered to solder modules and sell them (This offer is only temporarly available). So read on if you're interested.

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Here the mail from François:


in some weeks I will manufacture CATrain - modules for my new model train layout (?). In addition I must buy all components, which I would solder and finally examine, so, as I made already it successful several times.

It is often asked whether there are finished modules to buy. I strike you hereby forwards to also provide your modules at the same time. With the processors and plates, which I buy with Joël Bouchat, the price for completely finished and examined modules will be:

USB interfaces module: 63 EUR
PWM module: 77 EUR
Device controller: 52 EUR
detector module: 52 EUR

Forwarding expenses by post office are:

France: 5.10 EUR to 500g, 6.30 EUR up to 1 kg
European union + Switzerland + Norway: 15, 00 EUR up to 1 kg
other countries: On request

If you are interested in this offer, or other information wish, use my email address to write:
catrain_fgn [AT] hotmail.[NOSPAM.]fr

Yours sincerely,


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