CATrain 2.2.1a is ready for downloading! [UPDATE]

Published: 24 October 2007 Hits: 13755

Hi everyone,

CATrain 2.2.1 could be downloaded now.

Version 2.2.1 - October 2007


  • In "semi-automatic" mode, the traffic management has been improved to avoid that a train be unnecessarily stopped at a red signal that can be set to green at once. Also, the presence of the other trains is better taken into account.
  • Two new hot keys have been added:
    • 'A' is used to set the switches in accordance to the itinerary currently displayed.
    • 'R' is used to reverse the motion of the currently selected train.
  • The system takes better care of the train(s) manually set in rear motion by the user.
  • When a itinerary is not coherent, the error message is slightly more explicit,it gives the grid coordinates of the start (or the end) of the rail section which is concerned.
  • The current train indicator status is saved in the "tci" file.

Fixed Bugs

  • In the DLL "cblk_32m.dll", used for controlling a real layout, the problem relative to the detection of detector boards located at consecutive addresses is fixed.
  • The memory management is improved.
  • An check is performed to avoid a system crash when a rail or a train is partially drawn out of the application window.
  • A bug has been fixed about on the isolated SWITCH, CROSS and BRIDGE rail management.
  • The number of wagons attached to a train might be incorrect. This has be fixed.



CATrain 2.2.1a is delivered - the french documentation now is up to date, there are no other changes. Sorry for that problem.

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