CATrain 2.1 disponible

Publication : 31 décembre 2012 Affichages : 11545

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{mosimage}CATrain 2.1 was finished!

Joel has done a well work and now it's finished with a lot of new features - take a look . You could donwload the new file at the download-section

Main fixed bugs:

  • system crashes when a section extends to the right border.
  • system crashes when an Itinerary capture is aborted.
  • system crashes when editing a long itinerary (> 30 sections
  • a lot of bugs around scrolling were fixed:
    • installing a train in scrolled area was not correct.
    • itinerary display in scrolled area was not correct.
    • slope display in scrolled area was not correct.
    • window resizing not correct when the scrolling bars are present.
    • grid scale not displayed in area outside screen size.
  • This bug is only present with some Graphic Cards (GeForce 2). It has been overridden by writing the grid scale inside a small temporary bitmap which is "bitblited" later on the main memory display context.
  • added "security" features when an unexpected situation occurs (e.g.: rail section not correctly terminated, inverting train direction on an itinerary).
  • reentrance problem in ModParam, when a throttle controller was manipulated too fast.

New features:

  • Deceleration power curve can be edited to be different from the acceleration curve.
  • Display Mode 1600x1120 pixels (max 1600x1200).
  • Max number of cars raised from 16 to 32.
  • Improved Automatic label assignment.
  • Better access to the semi-automatic traffic mode.
    ---> ! To select the semi- automatic mode at least once from the Menu. After this first selection, the ON-OFF switch will always select this mode by default for the concerned layout.
  • In semi-automatic mode, manual setting of a switch has the priority on the Itinerary settings.
  • The user can force a train to leave its itinerary.
  • New Throttle Control Panels, with the choice between rotary or slide potentiometers.
  • Current train Id is displayed by a blue "Led" on the Throttle control
  • Automatic correct setting of the convergent rail switches, even in manual mode.
  • Keyboards shortcuts:
    • 'I' to set the current selection keys to "Itineraries"
    • 'T' to set the current selection keys to "Trains" (not very useful: this can be easily done by moving the mouse cursor above the throttle controller)
    • '1' '2' '3' ...'0' to select one of the 10 first itineraries or trains
    • 's' to toggle the state of the next signal in front of the current train
    • 'x' to toggle the state of the next switch in front of the current train
    • 'PgUp' to higher the current train speed
    • 'PgDown' to lower the current train speed

So - enjoy!

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